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Active Learning

These studies examine the influence of active learning on memory, causal reasoning and categorization. In these studies, children decide what information they would like to acquire within a game context.


Language through Overhearing

In this study, we examine how children learn new words by presenting them with new, made-up toys, and assessing their ability to recall the toys' names.


In this study, we examine how children use social information in the world around them to inform decision making.

Probabilistic Reasoning

Childrens' abilities to assess probability and proportion is studied in this 15 minute computer task involving colorful balls and sesame street characters.

Inference and Generalization in the ASD population (ON HOLD)

In this study, we look at how the ability to engage in probabilistic reasoning and inductive inference may be similar or different to children without ASD, with the end goal of understanding how children with ASD make generalizations.

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